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September 11, 2009



I work for a company that violates all of these. I never know which benefits I have, when I can change them or what are the upsides of different plans.

Do companies have departments that communicate benefits? I assume this is part of HR.

Christine Miller

Benefits communication is usually a function of HR. If it's a small company, it may be part of another department. Due to the resources and effort it requires, many companies outsource this function to companies like Millerwood. At a minimum, each benefit plan offered (Blue Cross, Harvard Health, United HealthCare, etc.) should have plan descriptions so you can make educated choices. Perhaps you can ask your HR department to request materials from each provider.


I think benefits communications is one of the most important functions of HR. A company can have the best benefits program, but if the options and details aren't communicated in a clear, concise way, everyone loses.

Christine Miller

Yes, one of the ROIs for employers is that employees feel good about benefits as part of their compensation. The hope is that this leads to loyal, productive and healthy employees. If this is not achieved, employers are providing a high-cost benefit with little in return.

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