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July 01, 2009



How can the government determine who gets healthcare and the type of healthcare? I understand regulation works for some things, but healthcare needs to be an exception.

If a family member contracts a rare disease that needs research and perhaps some creative approaches to determine a correct diagnosis, I don't want the government making the call on who we can or can't see for treatment.

One of the reasons healthcare has been so hard to fix is that it's complicated. If the current administration pushes healthcare reform through like they did the stimulus package (with no time for key decision-makers to understand it), we are in trouble as a country.

Christine Miller

I agree this cannot get pushed through without thorough review. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the process in Washington these days. I hope there is enough common sense among our polticians that stops legislation that will increase government involvement in the cost and quality of our care. My biggest concern, in addition to higher taxes, right now, is the proposed cuts to Medicare and the involvement of goverment in end-of-life care. I do not want to see benefits cut for seniors, or lack of services for older members of my family, my older friends and someday...me.


The guy in the White House is over his head.

There's more to the job than endless campaigning and photo ops with teleprompters and large crowds.


Healthcare is going nowhere. Hilary couldn't solve it. This nutjob certainly isn't going to solve it. And I really don't think he cares.

Christine Miller

Obama needs to take charge of this bill and get it right. Passing off to Congress was a mistake.

For any type of health care reform to work, we need tort reform and the elimination of state lines for insurance offerings. Both of these will go a long way in reducing costs so more people can afford it. The government needs to stay away from any legislation that reduces benefits for seniors and interferes with competition among insurers. Hate to see the whole bill die, but from what I've read, there is not a whole lot there now to work with. Time to start over Washington.


Healthcare reform is a complicated matter. Whatever the solution, the public should have some say in how it works - not a small legislative body that has its own agenda.


It's all just scary.

Christine Miller

It is scary. But if there is any positive to the new legislation, it is that it may force common sense reform next time. The current bill will break the system. Costs will soar and the qualiy of our health care will go down. If nothing else, this will require that we go down a better road next time.


All I can say is yikes. I know this post is older, but nothing has changed. November can't get here soon enough!

Christine Miller

Unfortunately, you're right. Nothing has changed since July, and businesses have had to move full steam ahead into efforts to understand all the changes. From my interactions with people in the benefits/HR world, this is keeping legal teams very busy. November will be very interesting.

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