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January 23, 2009



I think this is good advice. As an HR practioner, being up front about bad news sometimes creates short-term angst, but overall employees are more trustful of senior management. Good post.


Honesty is always the bets policy when it comes to your employees. If you lie once, you lose all trust.

Csaba Szücs

From this post the "Rely on you history" part grabbed my attention. Although, I am not sure how to do it. In an easy way (i.e. using poster with pictures) or a more sophisticated way?


Referring to a company's history can be done a number of ways. Stories can be relayed during company presentations, newsletter articles, etc. The "we've gotten through tough times before" message can be very powerful in motivating and inspiring employees to get through it again.


Straightforward communication is the only way to get through to employees.

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